FIJI Table Top Face/Facial Tanner (UV Sun Lamp)
 Larger area of coverage
 Cooler operating temperature
 Immediate restart capability
 Electronic ballast
 Removable power cord
 Multi-voltage capabilities (220V-110V)
 Long life bulbs (1,000 hours recommended replacement)

FIJI Face / Facial Tanner Deluxe full-size table Digital timer shows exact countdown of minutes left. Hi-tech matte-red finish with warm lettering. Protective eyewear, instruction and warranty included. UL Listed. Made in the U.S.A.

Fill those tan lines in the privacy of your own home.
Get a head start on summer. Look Healthier
Tan those "private places"
New Swimsuit! Fill in the where the old one did not cover.
Six month warranty

Lamp Replacement
Insured from breakage
Product Guarantee
No Returns

NEW !!!FIJI Table Top Face/Facial Tanner (Sun Lamp) ST2210Regular price: $319.99Sale price: $299.99AVAL. RED ONLY: 

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